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Expert-Grup is a think-tank specialized in economic and public policy research. We are positioning ourselves as a politically and ideologically neutral think-tank, and we do not represent any economic, corporate and political interests. 

Our mission is to empower citizens, firms, media and policy makers to become active agents of inclusive and sustainable development in their country, through independent analyses and consulting, evidence-based policies and community mobilization. To accomplish our mission, Expert-Grup pursues 3 strategic priorities:

1. We provide independent research, consultancy and analytical insights about major economic and social issues that would help the society to become more resilient and inclusive.
2. We empower communities, media and firms to hold the central and local governments accountable and deliver proper public and private services and goods for the population.
3. We aim to become a resource of expertise for local CSOs.

Our values


Our core activities are economic analysis and forecasts, as well as research and consultancy in public policies. We offer a wide range of analytical products and services, helping our beneficiaries to take decisions that will set Moldova to a sustainable development path. Our key competence lies in the ability to provide professional, high-quality and objective research and professional consultancy in such broad fields as:

  • Investment environment
  • Macroeconomic analyses and forecasts
  • Financial stability
  • Banking sector
  • Political economy
  • Public finance
  • Human development and poverty reduction
  • Foreign trade
  • Financial markets
  • Economy of European integration
  • Economic analysis by sectors
  • Regional and local economic development
  • Energy and economy of environment
  • Labour market and consumer behaviour

Partners and Donors

During 2006 - 2020 Expert-Grup implemented over 100 consultancy, research and advocacy projects in various areas related to economic development and public policies. Over 100 experts, both affiliated and not affiliated to our institution, from Moldova and abroad, were involved in these projects. We worked with international institutions as World Bank, Moldova Soros Foundation, Eastern European Foundation, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Balkan Trust for Democracy, Black Sea Trust, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, UNDP Moldova, UNICEF, European Commission, Council of Europe, Open Society Foundation, Swiss Agency for International Cooperation, United Kingdom Department for International Development, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Since 2008, Expert-Grup has been member of the Policy Association for an Open Society – an international network of policy centers consisting of 56 think tanks from countries throughout Europe.


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