Una dintre cele mai mari provocări ale Republicii Moldova în vederea asigurării unui mediu sănătos și sigur pentru cetățenii săi este gestionarea deșeurilor, care în prezent este realizată într-o formă inadecvată. Modelul actual de gestionare…
This article is available only in Romanian. The English version will be posted soon. 
The Independent Think-Tank Center "Expert-Grup" in cooperation with the National Environmental Center invites you to participate at the study launch event: "Implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility mechanisms to ensure waste recycling", developed with the financial…
Any crisis is not just a source of challenges and opportunities for any individual and organization, but, most importantly, it is a test of adaptation to new realities. Therefore, adaptation was the main focus of…
În contextul situației actuale din țară privind răspândirea virusului COVID-19, vă anunţăm că oficiul Centrului Analitic Independent „Expert-Grup” va fi închis în perioada 17 martie - 17 aprilie 2021. Echipa organizației îşi va desfăşura activitatea…
The priority agenda now switches to the challenges of undertaking mass vaccination against COVID-19. Thus, on March 24, within the framework of the “3 DCFTAs” Project, CEPS in cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Civil Society…
Over the years, the Republic of Moldova has taken certain measures to ensure equal economic opportunities for men and women. Also, the national legislation and regulatory framework establish equal access conditions to the labour market…
The lack of a work-life balance, childcare and household responsibilities, which are unfairly shared between women and men, has economic implications for the life cycle. Throughout life, the average consumption of women (public and private)…

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