G3 - Corporate Finance and Governance

Summary The monitoring process covered four major actions: (1) the Financial-Banking Package, adopted by the Parliament at 25 February 2016; (2) Project for the Roadmap on priority reforms’ Agenda, adopted at 25 February 2016; (3)…
Summary The banking crisis, which sent shockwaves in the Moldovan economy in 2015, can be solved by implementing a Roadmap that includes seven urgent measures, implemented both at the level of the regulatory authority and…
Summary Last year was a turning one for Moldovan baking system, when systemic weaknesses combined with large-scale fraudulent transactions have triggered an unprecedented banking crisis. As a result, the reduction of deposits attracted and the…
Key messages from the report According to the Kroll report, the amount of allegedly fraudulent loans (plus interest) reached 18 billion MDL ($1 billion), while the financial engineering conducted at these three banks were aimed…
Evolutions of the last years at „Banca de Economii” (Savings Bank of Moldova) stresses out the poor management practices at state companies, uninspired political decisions and carelessness of the public institutions. The political decision of…

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