E5 - Monetary Policy, Central Banking, and the Supply of Money and Credit

Increasing the deposit guarantee coverage is imminent in order to maintain the confidence in the banking sector. The current deposit guarantee scheme is unable to cover the economic costs caused by the bankruptcy of a…
This document features a detailed analysis of the shareholders of Moldovan banks, producing a rating of transparency and shareholders’ quality. Excerpt According to the analysis, only four banks (out of 11), exceed the 7 points’…
Summary The banking crisis, which sent shockwaves in the Moldovan economy in 2015, can be solved by implementing a Roadmap that includes seven urgent measures, implemented both at the level of the regulatory authority and…
Abstract The current adverse economic developments in Moldova, unlike previous years, are mostly determined by domestic influences rather than external ones. The banking crisis had a crucial impact in deteriorating economic situation in Moldova, even…
This analysis was initiated and developed in the context of the events as of 10 June 2015 when the Moldovan policy makers indirectly decided upon the inadmissibility of a new program with the International Monetary…
Key messages from the report According to the Kroll report, the amount of allegedly fraudulent loans (plus interest) reached 18 billion MDL ($1 billion), while the financial engineering conducted at these three banks were aimed…
In recent months, the situation in our banking system has worsened considerably. All institutions responsible for the economic security silently allowed these fraudulent mega-transactions to materialize, therefore leading to the de-capitalization of these three systemic…
National Bank of Moldova (NBM) is the main public institution responsible with setting the monetary policy and maintaining price stability. Therefore, its importance is indubitable, and NBM's politics have a major impact over the life…
This policy brief analyzes the Law project adopted by the Government Decision no. 166 of March 16, 2012, which includes a series of amendments to the Law of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM). Our…

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