C6 - Mathematical Methods; Programming Models; Mathematical and Simulation Modeling

Due to its geographic position, Moldova has constantly been at the crossroad of the most important integrationist processes on the European continent: European and Euro-Asian integration. Although Moldova chose as early as in 2005 the…
This paper was developed for analyzing and comparing the economic impact of the two main integration options which Moldova has: 1) enhancing the economic integration with the European Union by establishing a Deep and Comprehensive…
In the context of the approaching negotiations on the EU-Moldova DCFTA there is a discussion emerging among the Moldovan policymakers on how to avert some potential negative economic impact, including how to best protect some…
In December 2010 Moldova and EU signed the Action Plan on Visa Liberalization. This is an important step towards European integration giving much credit to the Moldovan Government. Although the Government is speaking mainly of…
This study begins by assessing the current situation in the Moldovan winemaking sector and by identifying key constraints and problems affecting the development of this sector. Further on, using a Computable General Equilibrium model, the…

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