R1 - General Regional Economics

Independent Think-Tank Expert-Grup invites all those interested at the conference MEGA “Economic perspectives in an electoral year”. The event will take place on April 25, 2018, starting at 10.00 am, at the Jolly Alon Hotel,…
The key purpose of this study is to analyze investments phenomenon in the Moldovan regions. The study begins by undertaking an analysis of the evolution and current economic situation of the regions. Using statistical data,…
As this Study shows, the Southern Development Region of Moldova has been constantly less attractive for private invesment as compared with other regions of Moldova. The investment gap between Southern Development Region and other regions…
In general terms, the Northern Development Region boasts better investment conditions that Southern and Central Development Regions. As this study shows, the Northern Development Region is well placed in the national rating of regions' investment…
The study undertakes an analysis of investment advantages and disadvantages, risks and opportunities for all districts composing the Central Development Region. As investment performance and attractiveness, Central Development Region is placed bewtween the Southern and…
The economy of the ATU Gagauzia is undergoing important changes.  Even though a decade ago Gagauzia was predominantly an agrarian region, today its share in regional gross production and role as job conveying sector is…

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