O2 - Development Planning and Policy

The 2012 National Human Development Report, entitled "European Aspirations and Human Development of the Republic of Moldova" concentrates on the impact of trade-liberalization, visa-liberalization and EU-motivated human rights and justice sector reforms and clearly demonstrates…
The goal of this Analytical Note is to assess how the draft Law on the 2013 state budget reflects the priorities of the sustainable and inclusive development of the society. In this regards, six sectors…
Main goal of the report is to identify the critical constraints to economic growth of Republic of Moldova, using the methodology that Hausmann, Rodrik and Velasco proposed in their 2005 study "Growth Diagnostics". The report…
The 2009/2010 National Human Development Report provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the strong impact of climate variability and climate change, and extreme weather events on sectors vital to human development in Moldova: water…
This study was commissioned to the EXPERT-GRUP think-tank by the UNDP-Moldova with the purpose to assess qualitatively, and to the extent possible, quantitatively, the impact of the global financial crisis and associated economic downturn on…
This study describes Moldova's WTO accession process, identifies and analyzes in-depth the commitments that Moldova undertook as part of the WTO for the post-accession preiod regarding the trade in goods. The report includes detailed analysis…
The topic of the report is particularly relevant for the current situation of economic convalescence of the Republic of Moldova. In its early transition, this country suffered an acute economic collapse which also worsened its…
This study targets three key directions: 1) understanding the mechanisms used by Government of Republic of Moldova for absorbing and efficiently using the financial and technical assistance offered by the European Union; 2) considering the…
This document is the result of the first independent assessment of the Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy implementation. The document assesses how well EGPRSP corelates with other national strategies, which are the preliminary results…

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