H7 - State and Local Government Intergovernmental Relations

Резюме Внедрение СА / УВЗСТ в приднестровском регионе имеет  решающее значение, по крайней мере, в силу двух причин: (i) политическая - это может послужить серьезной предпосылкой для сближения    экономики обеих сторон Днестра и, соответственно, для…
Executive Summary The implementation of the AA/DCFTA in the Transnistrian region is crucial at least for two reasons: (i) political - it could serve as a strong precondition for converging the economies from both sides…
Abstract In recent years, the public expenditures’ framework in Moldova has recorded several positive developments. These developments were both quantitatively and qualitatively. Improvements were primarily noticed in the public debt management, thanks to technical and…
Abstract In 2010-2014, Moldova’s Court of Accounts issued 46 decisions based on its audit reports aimed to evaluate the management of public funds and assets by local authorities of level I and II from over…
Budget transparency relates to how citizens participate and contribute to decision making on budgeting and how the expenditure is incurred. Analyzing the situation in Chișinău's Local Council, we found that the level of budget transparency in…
Weak institutional constraints generate corrupting behavior and lack of accountability that is the main source of socially harmful political choices. The lack of a unitary legal framework that would offer clear rules of procedure for…
The goal of this study is to estimate the technical efficiency of each local government from the Republic of Moldova, to identify efficiency determinants, as well as its role for local development. The econometric simulations…

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