Business and Economy Review, no. 23

Data publicării: Miercuri, 26 Septembrie 2007
Accesări: 5963

As shown in the 23rd edition of the Business and Economy Review, the industrial output resumed its growth in real terms. In January-July, its value was by 0.5 percent higher that in 2006. However, in order to recover the 2005 output level, the industrial sector should grow by almost 7.5 percent in 2007, which is really a hard-reaching aim. The greatest hindrances are in the winemaking and alcoholic drinks sectors, which have a production 4, and respectively, 3 times lower than in January-July 2006. The drought that undermined the 2007 harvest had a set of consequences, sometimes paradoxical, for some of the food industry branches. For instance, the meat industry was favored by drought; due to financial problems, the producers from the livestock sector had to massively slaughter the livestock. Nevertheless, the production of dairy products, canned fruits and vegetables, and tobacco products suffers from a raw material deficit, with short-term perspectives being rather negative.

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