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  • Participants'registration, welcome coffee  
  • Welcoming remarks on behalf of the organizers
    Stephan MEUSER,  Resident Representative, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania and Republic of Moldova
  • Presentation of the key findings of the State of the Country Report
    Adrian LUPUȘOR, Executive Director, “Expert-Grup” Independent Think-Tank
  • Panel 1: Economic growth and income inequality
    Moderator: Ana POPAProgramme Director, “Expert-Grup” Independent Think-Tank 

    Sorin HADÂRCĂ,
    Managing partner
    , Centre for Policy Analysis and Alternative Solutions (CAPSA)
    Why is it important that the economic growth be not only positive, but also equitably distributed among the households and companies?
    How has the economic growth been distributed in recent years? Who were the winners and losers?
    How did the revenue distribution evolve in recent years? What are the prospects/expectations for the nearest future?
  • Speakers:
    Natalia GAVRILIȚĂ, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Moldova 
    Anna AKHALKATSI, World Bank Country Manager in Moldova
    Sergiu GAIBU
    Programme Director, “Expert-Grup” Independent Think-Tank
    Cristina RAȚ, Professor of sociology, University Babeș-Bolyai, Cluj, Romania 
  • Lunch and networking
  • Panel 2: Social implications of the economic inequalities
    Moderator: Vasile BOTNARU, Journalist, Director of the Chișinău office of the Radio Free Europe 

    Iurie MORCOTÎLO,
    Economist, “Expert-Grup” Independent Think-Tank 
    Analysis of inequalities beyond revenues. How have inequalities in the Republic of Moldova evolved recently?
    What are the social implications of the constantly growing inequalities? 
  • Speakers:
    Ala NEMERENCO, Minister of Health, Labour and Social Protection 
    Lars Johan LÖNNBACK, IOM Chief of Mission to Moldova 
    Alexei BUZU, Executive Director, “Partnership for Development” Centre 
    Alfred PFALLER, Sociologist, ex-FES Representative in Romania and the Republic of Moldova
  • Final remarks
    Adrian LUPUȘOR, Executive Director, “Expert-Grup” Independent Think-Tank
    Programme Coordinator, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Moldova
  • Reception



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