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The National Bank of Moldova and Expert-Grup aim to contribute to the development of a sound financial system through financial education, where consumers are well-trained, protected and make financial decisions in a responsible manner!

Why do we have to ‘give sense to money’?

Throughout life, every person makes a number of financial decisions, some of which have significant implications for the individual financial stability of the person and of his/her family. Moreover, financial knowledge and skills determine important aspects of the lifestyle that translate into well-being, or on the contrary – into financial difficulty. Among the most important events with a financial impact, characteristic of the Moldovan society, may be the following: (i) contracting a consumer credit; (ii) buying a dwelling using the mortgage; (iii) buying a car using the leasing; (iv) buying personal goods; (vi) investing in financial market instruments; (vii) using certain saving instruments, etc.

However, many people do not fully know the main financial concepts, even the core ones such as interest rate, inflation, exchange rate or risk spreading. As a consequence, this lack of knowledge makes citizens more vulnerable and more exposed to the risk of over-indebtedness or financial exclusion. To this end, the financial education project ‘Learn! Give sense to money’ aims to develop people’s financial skills and improve personal finance.


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