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Over the years the Expert-Grup has developed a set of economic and policy publications which served as unbiased sources of economic information and analysis and provided innovative solutions to various policy problems:

  • MEGA – Moldova Economic Growth Analysis. MEGA is the Expert-Grup key economic publication which is published quarterly and is based on a clearly defined structure and rigorous methodological approach. MEGA features the evolution and mid-term forecasts of key macroeconomic indicators and includes feasible policy recommendations;
  • Real Economy. A monthly summary of current economic and policy developments, key statistical data and update of the Expert-Grup’s Economic Leading Indicator which is a quantitative tool predicting the short-term evolutions of the economic cycle;
  • State of the Country Report. An eye-opening publication, combining economic, political and geopolitical analysis, and assessing Moldova’s development priorities and challenges on various sectors. The State of Country Report is published every two years, identifying the most important economic, demographic, political and geopolitical risks and opportunities Moldova meets and proposing feasible solutions to address Moldova’s development problems.
  • Economic Analysis and Forecasts Papers. This series of publications present the results of the economic research and forecast based on quantitative tools developed or adapted by Expert-Grup, including many econometric and structural models useful for understanding and predicting evolution of the Moldovan economy;
  • Short Analytic Notes.In these economic commentaries the authors apply economic analysis to economic news, unexpected policy decisions, and newly released statistical data. The main purpose of the Short Analytic Notes is to disclose for the reader what is behind the visible evolutions and data.
  • Fiscal transparency reports. These publications include the results of the in-depth analysis on the transparency and efficiency of use of public financial resources in social and economic sectors, such as agricultural subsidies, environmental fund, roads rehabilitation, R&D state support policy;
  • Commissioned documents and research. These documents are produced by EXPERT-GRUP at the request of various policy stakeholders in order to address policy questions relevant for their activities, identify and assess sets of possible options and propose optimal solutions.
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