Our priorities

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In the next five years, the Expert-Grup activity will focus on the following goals, which derive from the economic and social realities of the country but also from our institutional capacities:

  1. Functional market economy: free competition and property rights protection;
  2. Reasoned and rational economic and social policies, developed in the interest of citizens;
  3. Free trade based on real competitive advantages;
  4. Efficient, transparent and accountable public sector;
  5. Business climate that is friendly and appealing for SMEs;
  6. Fair labor market conditions for both the employers and employees;
  7. Flexible educational system that is connected to the economic, social and demographic realities;
  8. Equal access to economic and social opportunities for all citizens;
  9. Society that is familiar with the economic trends and basic principles of the economy;
  10. Balanced regional development.

Therefore, organization’s projects, public interventions and advocacy activities will be focused namely on these 10 priorities, which we believe are crucial for the sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova.



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