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EXPERT-GRUP think tank conducts both independent and upon request research, or in cooperation with state institutions, international organizations and members of the local or international civil society. Below is the list of our latest collaborations:

Ministry of Economy and Commerce from Republic of Moldova

In 2006-2007 EXPERT-GRUP provided assistance to MEC for elaborating the Strategy regarding policies for population employment in the long term(2007-2015) and National Development Plan (2008-2011).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration in Republic of Moldova

In the framework of the “European Union – Republic of Moldova Action Plan” projects (stage I and II), MFAEI requested EXPERT-GRUP to comment upon draft reports projects on “EU-Moldova Action Plan” implementation.

Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT

EXPERT-GRUP has implemented in partnership with ADEPT “Action Plan European Union – Republic of Moldova: target document for public” (stages I and II) and “National Report on Human Development 2006” projects.

EEIP Consulting Company, Czech Republic

EEIP and EXPERT-GRUP elaborated in 2006-2007 a joint study entitled “Accelerating economic development by consolidating moldo-czech economic relations”.

Human Rights Resource Center - CREDO

EXPERT-GRUP collaborated with CREDO in organizing four workshops on Public Policies topics using good European practices with its target audience public officials and NGO leaders in the framework of the “European Union – Republic of Moldova Action Plan: target document for public (stage II)”.

UNDP Moldova

EXPERT-GRUP think tank, provided support to UNDP Moldova for launching and promoting the National Network of the Global Pact, which comprises 16 companies that share corporate social responsibility principles.

Romanian Academic Society

Established as a think tank in 1996, the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) aims to further the ideas of freedom, democracy and good governance in Eastern Europe.


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