J2 - Demand and Supply of Labor

Executive Summary The minimum wage remains a tool with contradictory outcomes in terms of income redistribution and social equity goals. Essentially, international data shows that increasing minimum wage does not actually contribute to income convergence.…
In the last decade, the importance of the work labor force and its impact on 'the economic has grown substantially. This study aims to contribute at examination of the place of migration on the economic…
The Country Report “Overview of the relationship between Human Capital Development and Equity in Moldova” outlined a series of conclusions regarding the state of human capital development in Moldova. It also highlighted main drawbacks and…
Current situation of the human capital development in the Republic of Moldova was mainly determined by the economic evolutions in the transition period. Thus, such factors as changing structure of the economy, liberalization of the…
In the period 1998-2007 the population of the Republic of Moldova decreased by 2.3%. During the same period, the working age population (15-64 years) increased by 8.6%. A trend more relevant for the labour market…
This study aims to research the key demographic and labor market evolutions in Moldova in the recent period. These evolutions are assessed against the current and future implications for the European integration vector and for…
The topic of the report is particularly relevant for the current situation of economic convalescence of the Republic of Moldova. In its early transition, this country suffered an acute economic collapse which also worsened its…

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