Iulia Sirghi-Zolotco

Iulia Sirghi-Zolotco

Independent Think-Tank EXPERT-GRUP announces that, as of June 12, 2013, at the General Assembly of the members of the non-governmental organization, Valeriu Prohnitchi has resigned from his mandate as Executive Director, in relation to his transition to a new position as Economic Adviser of the Prime-minister of the Republic of Moldova. He has also withdrew his membership from the organisation.

According to the decision adopted by the General Assembly of members of the organization, Adrian Lupusor, former Programs Director at the EXPERT-GRUP, has been assigned as the new Executive Director. Valeriu Prohnitchi will continue to execute his technical functions as administrator of the Association for a short period of time until the legal registration by the Ministry of Justice of the change of management and full entry into office of Adrian Lupusor are accomplished.

Independent Think-Tank EXPERT-GRUP would like to state that its institutional values, objectives and specialisation areas remain unchanged. EXPERT-GRUP maintains its status of an analytical organization which is strong, unbiased and independent of any domestic or foreign political formation. The organization does not represent any economic, corporate or political interests and it is independently deciding on its institutional strategy. Its mission continues to be the one of offering a favourable environment for the expression of free and unbiased economic thinking. This will allow the organization to maintain its position as a leader in conducting unbiased analyses, in promoting innovative development ideas and solutions to the challenges faced by the Republic of Moldova along its way of economic transformation, democratic development and European integration.

Thursday, 06 June 2013 09:35

Real Economy, no. 39

The Economic Leading Indicator up-dated with the latest data available is sending mixed signals. On the one hand, exports to EU are declining, while remittances and money in circulation decelerated their growth. On the other hand, most commercial banks, which are usually the most forward looking economic sector, show some more upbeat mood. For the following months the key challenges are related to ensuring full functionality of state authorities whose activity was strained during the last months of political deadlock. Additionally, the central bank in cooperation with other line authorities will have to undertake all the necessary measures for fixing the old problems at Banca de Economii and the newly emerged ones at Moldova Agroindbank.

The first edition of MACRO will take place on June 18, 2013, from 8:30 to 17:00, at Summit Events & Conference Center, Red Hall (49/3 Tighina Str., 1st floor).

MACRO Annual International Conference is organized by the EXPERT-GRUP independent think tank in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and aims at providing a platform for a comprehensive discussion of the Republic of Moldova country risks, including economic, political, security and social, and how these risks shape the Moldovan economic trajectory.

MACRO, which stands for “Moldova: Assessing Country Risks and Opportunities” will offer a high-level intellectual platform to dissect the factors influencing Moldova’s attractiveness as destination for international investments, new ideas and advanced technologies.  The Conference is going to assess the country’s risks that need to be alleviated to make Moldova a better place for the capital and labour and to identify the opportunities to harness in order to foster Moldova’s economic development.

Discussions at MACRO 2013 will be focused around 4 panels:

Panel 1: Key economic trends in 2012-2013 and short-term forecast;

Panel 2: Competing internationally for attracting foreign investors;

Panel 3: Education, skilled work, business and labour culture in Moldova;

Panel 4: A meaningful policy addressing country risks and opportunities.

There will be 16 speakers on the four panels, including the the Minister of Finance, Mr. Veaceslav Negruța, the Minister of Education, Mrs. Maia Sandu and the Governor of the National Bank of Moldova, Mr. Dorin Drăguțanu, also international speakers from Germany (Uwe Konst, International Business Development), United Kingdom (David Dalton, Economist Intelligence Unit; Kilbinder Dosanjh, Moody's Investors Service Ltd.), Romania (Lucian Anghel, BCR Pensii/Bucharest Stock Exchange) and Italy (Siria Taurelli, European Training Foundation). The diverse public will include political leadership, senior policy makers, Moldovan and foreign private sector representatives, Moldovan NGOs and academia.


Conferința „Contribuția societății civile și a sectorului privat la implementarea Obiectivelor de Dezvoltare ale Mileniului” se va desfășura la data de 6-7 iunie 2013 și va discuta rolul societății civile și al sectorului privat în implementarea Obiectivelor de Dezvoltare ale Mileniului și dezvoltarea Republicii Moldova după 2015 (post-ODM agenda), precum și va face totalurile activităților proiectului.

Conferința este structurată în 8 paneluri de discuții axate pe domeniile prioritare identificate pe parcursul procesului de consultări publice:

Panel 1: Reducerea sărăciei extreme și a foamei

Panel 2: Realizarea accesului la învăţământ gimnazial

Panel 3: Promovarea egalităţii genurilor şi abilitarea femeilor

Panel 4: Reducerea mortalităţii copiilor

Panel 5: Îmbunătăţirea sănătăţii materne

Panel 6: Combaterea HIV/SIDA şi tuberculozei

Panel 7: Asigurarea unui mediu durabil

Panel 8: Crearea unui parteneriat global pentru dezvoltare

Conferința se desfășoară în cadrul proiectului „Contribuţia societăţii civile şi a sectorului privat la implementarea Obiectivelor de Dezvoltare ale Mileniului”, implementat cu suportul financiar al Uniunii Europene. Obiectivul principal al acestui proiect este reducerea sărăciei în contextul dezvoltării durabile, inclusiv urmărirea Obiectivelor de Dezvoltare ale Mileniului (ODM) și alte obiective convenite pe plan internațional. Proiectul a analizat contribuțiile pe care le au organizațiile societății civile moldovenești și sectorul privat în implementarea ODM-urilor în domenii ca: educația, sănătatea, dezvoltarea economică, politicile sociale, transportul, comunicațiile, vama și politicile de tineret. Proiectul a îmbunătățit nivelul de informare a Guvernului, ONG-urilor, sectorului privat și a cetățenilor despre importanța atingerii țintelor ODM către sfârșitul anului 2015 și a consolidat capacitățile ONG-urilor și companiilor private de contribuire la implementarea ODM-urilor.

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Thursday, 02 May 2013 07:42

Real Economy, no. 38

According to the last statistical data, the Moldovan economy remained volatile with relatively gloom immediate prospects. For the following months, the biggest challenge will be to consolidate the macroeconomic stability amid escalating political tensions and to solve problems at Banca de Economii.

Culture development in Moldova is suffering more from improper management than from lack of financial resources allocated to this sector. The excessive presence of the State in Culture sector is hindering the private sector development, which in several subsectors practical is missing. It is alarming the level and trend of deterioration and destruction of material cultural heritage, especially the architectural and archeological. In the Chisinau municipality 10% of monuments from historical part were already destroyed, and 30% of constructed heritage is in danger situation. If the pace of demolishes and degrading interventions in architectural heritage will not be stopped, Chisinau risks to lose the Historical Center. To change the actual state of Culture, the Government should find appropriate development paradigm of culture, develop and implement policies in accordance with the economic, social and administrative realities.

This document is available only in Romanian.

Centrul Analitic Independent Expert-Grup anunță concurs de angajare a patru experți care să presteze servicii de consultanţă privind elaborarea raportului „Evaluarea eficienței și transparenței utilizării resurselor publice destinate fondului forestier”.

Pentru mai multe detalii va rugăm să găsiți termenii de referință specifici anexați.

Candidații interesați sunt rugați să depună CV-ul și o scrisoare de referință/recomandare până la data de 3 mai 2013, ora 18:00 la următoarea adresă:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , cu subiectul „Transparență fond forestier”.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013 12:06

Concurs elaborare pagină web

Centrul Analitic Independent EXPERT-GRUP anunță concurs de selectarea unei companii / grup de persoane specializate care să elaboreze pagina web – www.euromonitor.md ce va servi ca punct de pornire pentru monitorizarea progresului în realizarea reformelor Republicii Moldova asumate în cadrul procesul integraționist european, precum și ca sursă principală de informare a publicului larg despre rezultatele acestei monitorizări.

Pentru mai multe detalii va rugăm să găsiți termenii de referință anexați.

Dosarul de participare la concurs trebuie să conțină următoarele:

  • Oferta tehnică;
  • Oferta de preț;
  • CV organizației cu includerea proiectelor asemănătoare implementate.

Termenul limită de depunere a dosarului este 12 aprilie 2013 prin email la This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , fax 022 211 599 sau la adresa or. Chișinău, str. Columna, 133, of. 1, persoană de contact Iulia Sîrghi-Zolotco.

Dumitru Budianschi și Veaceslav Rebcinschi în discuție cu Mihai Fusu în cadrul emisiunii RePublika la Publika TV despre utilizarea resurselor publice alocate culturii.

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