G1 - General Financial Markets

Executive Summary The National Committee for Financial Stability, the office in charge with coordinating the institutions responsible with ensuring financial sector’s stability, currently faces serious problems of governance, caused by strong political affiliation and unclear…
Summary The banking crisis, which sent shockwaves in the Moldovan economy in 2015, can be solved by implementing a Roadmap that includes seven urgent measures, implemented both at the level of the regulatory authority and…
Summary Last year was a turning one for Moldovan baking system, when systemic weaknesses combined with large-scale fraudulent transactions have triggered an unprecedented banking crisis. As a result, the reduction of deposits attracted and the…
In recent months, the situation in our banking system has worsened considerably. All institutions responsible for the economic security silently allowed these fraudulent mega-transactions to materialize, therefore leading to the de-capitalization of these three systemic…

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