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The Independent Think Tank ‘Expert-Grup’, the Association for Participatory Democracy ‘ADEPT’ and the Legal Resources Centre from Moldova, with the support of USAID, finalized the process of monitoring the implementation of Priority Reform Action Roadmap…
For the first time in history, Republic of Moldova was officially included in the OBI (Open Budget Index), reaching a score of 58 points out of 100, or 16 points higher than the global average…
Analiza rezultatelor sistemului de sănătate din Republica Moldova pentru perioada anilor 1990 – 2015 indică asupra unei situații destul de triste în comparație cu țările din Europa de Vest și chiar cu fostele țări socialiste…
Centrul Analitic Independent Expert-Grup anunță astăzi, 19 ianuarie, lista școlilor care vor beneficia de asistență în cadrul proiectului „Școala Mea” în anul 2018. Pentru ultimul an de implementare a proiectului au fost selectate 20 licee…
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For the first time in history Republic of Moldova takes part in the OBI (Open Budget Index). This index measures the budgetary transparency and the access of public to the budgetary information. About 115 countries…
In the absence of sustainable development models, the Moldovan economy could grow in 2018 by only 4%, concluded the experts of the Independent Think Tank Expert-Grup during the XVIIth edition of the MEGA economic conference.…
Independent Think-Tank Expert-Grup summarizes the results of the fourth year of implementation of “Scoala Mea” (My School) project during the annual conference held at World Bank Office in Chisinau, today, December 4, 2017. During the…
The Independent Analytic Centre ”Expert-Grup”, the Association for Participatory Democracy ”ADEPT”, and the Legal Resource Centre in Moldova, with the support of the USAID, have initiated the monitoring process of the Priority Reform Action Roadmap…

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