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The press release in available only in Romanian.
The press release is available only in Romanian. Read the report   Financed by Sweden
Deși primii pași pentru schimbarea dependenței Moldovei de gazele rusești a fost făcută acum câteva zile, odată cu demararea construcției gazoductului Ungheni-Chișinău, o serie de îngrijorări încă planează asupra proiectului de interconectare pe gaze România…
The Independent Think Tank ”Expert-Grup” in partnership with UNFPA Moldova, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova and the National Youth Council of Moldova have launched the composite index on…
As part of the presentation of the biannual publication „MEGA” the experts from the Independent Think Tank Expert-Grup  shed light on the major economic evolutions of 2018, present economic forecasts and discuss the risks that…

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