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CHIȘINĂU /// During the last six months, experts from Expert-Grup and ADEPT assessed 407 actions within the Euromonitor report. Out of the total, only 24% were implemented, and 11% were partially implemented. At the same…
CHIȘINĂU // 2015 poate fi considerat anul în care temerile economice s-au adeverit. Practic toate riscurile identificate în ediția precedentă a publicației MEGA din aprilie 2015 s-au materializat -  criza bancară, perpetuarea incertitudinii politice, stagnarea…
CHIȘINĂU // Regiunea transnistreană se confruntă cu o criză economică fără precedent. Pentru anul curent, PIB-ul regiunii ar putea să se contracte cu circa 10-12%, din cauza  conjuncturii nefavorabile de pe malul drept al Republicii…
CHIȘINĂU // September 2015 marked one year since the implementation of DCFTA (Deep & Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement) between Moldova and EU began, and its results were overshadowed by the country’s economic and political problems,…
”Scoala Mea” initiative (eng. trans. “My School”) has organized, over the past two months, public hearings at the 20 beneficiary schools, where over 2,800 citizens - students, teachers, parents and representatives of local and regional…
The Independent Think Tanks, Expert-Grup and ADEPT, present the results of their study “Euromonitor: First Achievements and Difficulties in Implementing Moldova-European Union (EU) Association Agreement”. The report covers commitments undertaken by national authorities in 23…
CHIȘINĂU // We are glad to anounce that Mr. Veaceslav Negruța is joining the Expert-Grup team as the "Economic Policies" program director. Mr. Negruța will undertake research in the fields of macroeconomy, budget-fiscal & monetary-credit…
CHIȘINĂU // Currently, Moldova is facing perhaps its biggest challenge in economic security since 1991. The hardship is being caused by economic recession in the region and by state institutions that are weak and easily…
CHIȘINĂU // During 2005-2014, Moldova saw important progress in terms of European integration - signing the Association Agreement, visa liberalization with the EU, ensuring more respect for human rights, providing e-governance, IT sector and social services’…
CHIȘINĂU // Sistemul public de pensii din Republica Moldova nu este unul durabil din punct de vedere financiar și nici social. În timp ce Bugetul Asigurărilor Sociale de Stat (BASS) înregistrează un deficit structural de…

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