Iulia Sirghi-Zolotco

Iulia Sirghi-Zolotco

În timp ce 80% dintre cetățenii Republicii Moldova sunt mulțumiți de performanța sistemului de învățământ, elevii din țara noastră sunt codași la citit, matematică și științe, conform studiului PISA 2009+. În acest clasament realizat pentru 74 țări, Moldova a obținut locul 59 la matematică, locul 57 pentru științe, și locul 65 pentru lectură. În același timp, între 2000 și 2012, Moldova a evoluat foarte modest în ceea ce privește indicele educației, calculat de Programul Națiunilor Unite pentru Dezvoltare, de la 0.676 la 0.714, în comparație cu România (de la 0.722 la 0.821).

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The public forest sector is one of the less reformed sectors, keeping its essentially managerial approaches that have already been outdated by the economic and social realities of the Republic of Moldova. The activity of this sector is highly affected by political narrow influences and interest groups. This has hindered the development of the sector, so that the sector generated resources are used in a non-transparent and inefficient way. The leasing of forest lands was made without a solid legal basis, using improper economic approach and created tensions in the society. Thus almost all the forest lands in the surrounding areas of Chisinau were leased, based on the price of a hectare calculated as average for the whole country. The analysis of issues related to ensuring transparency, public access in forests and the role of communal forests, value and the role of forests, governance and management of the sector shows that the forestry sector needs a thorough and complex reformation.

This publication is availbale only in Romanian.

Adrian Lupușor, director executiv al  EXPERT-GRUP, în discuție cu Alexandru Canțîr și Diana Răileanu despre scăderea încrederii în instituțiile statului: http://www.europalibera.org/content/article/25067276.html

Independent Think-Tank EXPERT-GRUP is organising the conference “Economic growth, forecasts and risks for the Republic of Moldova in 2013-2014”.  The event will take place in the conference room of Jolly Alon Hotel on August 15, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

EXPERT-GRUP will present the findings of its 9th issue of the Moldova Economic Growth Analysis (MEGA), which analyzes the evolution of the Moldovan economy in January-June 2013, explains the key macroeconomic and sector-level trends and provides forecasts for key economic indicators for 2013-2014. We intend to discuss with the representatives of public authorities and experts in the field the most important developments and most prominent economic risks faced by Moldova.

The working languages of the conference will be Romanian and English. Romanian / English synchronic translation will be provided during the event.

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Alexandru Fală, director programe EXPERT-GRUP, în discuție cu Maria Trifan în cadrul emisiunii „Spațiul Public" despre situaţia actuală în sistemul bancar al Republicii Moldova: http://trm.md/ro/spatiul-public/spatiul-public-din-2-august-2013/

State of the Country Report 2013, which is a clear, evidence-based and objective analysis of the Moldova’s situation in eight areas: foreign policy, environment and natural resources, politics, technological, economic, human capital and demographic, social and socio-political. SCR 2013 will include also a special issue, which is Political Economy of Reforms in Moldova.

The robust growth registered during 2010-2011 was jobless and kept the economy below its potential level. It points on the deficient growth model followed by the Moldovan economy, with scarce capital (investments), labor and technology. Hence, the business climate and export competitiveness remained overall weak. It led to raising current account imbalances at very challenging levels, whereas the primary source for financing this gap switched from FDI to foreign borrowings. 

Monday, 08 July 2013 14:48

Real Economy, no. 40

The Economic Leading Indicator updated for May:13 shows a fledgling revival, mainly supported by a healthy expansion in lending, remittances and consumption. However, the recent climate anomalies are likely to take their toll on the agricultural sector recovery expected for this year. Coupled with difficult economic conditions in Russia and EU, it could have direct repercussions on the economic growth prospects. All in all,  despite the robust 3.5% growth in Q1:13, the macroeconomic prospects remain uncertain, while the risks - high.

The purpose of the document is an independent analysis of the policies and reforms implemented by the authorities from Chișinău in order to bring political, economic and institutional approach to EU. In particular it has been monitored the action plan EU-Republic of Moldova (EUMAP) which is the most important and comprehensive strategic planning document where all commitments are specified in the european integrational process. Although the formal deployment period is 2005-2012, it was automatically extended for an indefinite period. Moreover, it has remained current, taking into account the fact that the majority of priorities and necessary actions listed in the plan are currently relevant.

On Tuesday, June 18, 2013, Independent Think-Tank EXPERT-GRUP in partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung hosted the first edition of the Annual International Conference “MACRO 2013: A global view on Moldova’s economy.” The Conference was structured on four discussion panels composed of detailed talks about economic risks and opportunities for the Republic of Moldova.

Preliminary results of the “State of the Country Report 2013” were presented at the Conference. Next to other subjects, the highlights of the report were the weak performance of Moldova’s economy compared with its potential level, the economic and social implications of population aging phenomenon and the compatibility of the European integration vector with the major development priorities of the country.

On the first discussion panel, Tokhir Mirzoev, IMF Resident Representative in Moldova, mentioned that the main short-term risks continue to be the fragile external environment and domestic political situation, while the main two challenges are maintaining the fiscal situation under control and reviewing the recent policies on agriculture taxation. Several of the speakers expressed their concern on the financial sector situation, while the resolution of bad loans, transparency of shareholders and propriety rights remain to be major priorities for short- and long-term.

On the second panel, Dr. Lucian Anghel, CEO of BCR Pensii and President of Bucharest Stock Exchange named MACRO 2013 as “the best economic profile conference in years.” Panelists mentioned that the potential of domestic growth is one of the main determinants of direct investments, therefore, Moldova will need to make larger efforts, including at the international level, in order to raise Moldova’s attractiveness.

On the third discussion panel, Maia Sandu, Minister of Education, mentioned that the weak performance of students in international tests, the discontent of the entrepreneurs in regards to the performance level of graduates and the low occupation level of graduates, represent the main factors that stayed at the basis of the education reform initiated by the Ministry of Education.

Key-messages on the fourth panel highlighted the importance of the dialogue with the opinion makers and with the international business community.

While addressing the Conference participants, HE Mr. Iurie Leanca, Prime-Minister of the Republic of Moldova has welcomed the development of a Roadmap by the Conference. Which includes recommendations for the Government for future actions, which will be monitored by Conference organizers until the next edition of the event, where actions realized in 2013-2013 will be presented. The organizers mention that the next edition of the MACRO international conference is planned for June 2014. 

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