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Rodica Iordanov

Thursday, 24 September 2020 19:05


Adrian Lupusor - State of the Country Report 2020 - key messages

Dumitru Pintea, first panel 

Valeriu Prohnitchi, second panel 

Thursday, 24 September 2020 18:57

About the event

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MACRO stands for „Moldova: Assessing Country Risks and Opportunities”. The conference has been conceived as an annual event bringing together domestic and international policy experts and thinkers with the key purpose of discussing and advancing innovative ideas to support Moldova along its way of economic development and modernization. The annual Conference offers a high-level intellectual platform to dissect the factors influencing Moldova’s attractiveness as destination for international investments, new ideas and advanced technologies, to assess the country’s risks that need to be alleviated to make Moldova a better place for the capital and the labour and to identify the opportunities to harness in order to foster Moldova’s economic development and competitiveness.

The goal of the 8th edition of MACRO Annual International Conference is discussing solutions to foster the economic and social resilience to crises, in the context of COVID-19, as a key precondition for a sustainable development of the country. Also, the event will seek to raise awareness among policy makers, experts and donor community on the importance of having in place well-functioning response and mitigation measures to such crises as COVID-19 (and not only). The conference will be composed of two interconnected panels. The first panel will discuss the issue of economic resiliency to crises and the second panel will focus on the social resiliency to crises. Also, at the MACRO 2020 conference will be presented the findings of the „State of the Country Report 2020”.

The MACRO 2020 International Conference will take place online, on the 20th of October 2020, between 9:30 and 14:45 (Chisinau time). The event will be attended by political leaders, policy makers, representatives of local governments and the private sector, local and foreign experts, representatives of CSOs and academia in Moldova.

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Stas Madan

Thursday, 22 August 2019 06:15

The Expert-Grup Team

Understanding that any think-tank is only as good as its human resources are, Expert-Grup hires a pool of top quality consultants with research and advocacy expertise in many areas. Our staff members hold advanced degrees in Economics, Law and other relevant fields from European, American and Moldovan top universities and are fluent in Romanian, English, Russian and other languages.

PhD candidate at the Institute of Economic Studies, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

MS in Economics and Finance, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (2012)

MA in Financial and Bank Administration, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (2010)

BA in Economics, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (2008)

Adrian Lupusor Executive Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Strategic Management of the organization;
  • Individual projects' management;
  • Development and monitoring of the economic and social research methodology;
  • Research in the following fields: Macroeconomics, Economic development, foreign trade, financial industry, pension system, demography;
  • Communication with the organization’s partners;
  • Coordination of the Expert-Grup’s main publications.

PhD candidate at Institute of Economy, Finance and Statistics

MA, Academy of Public Administration of the Republic of Moldova

BA in Economics, Academy of Economic Studies

Alexandru Fala „Monetary sector and economic modeling” Program Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Program development, coordination and implementation of research and advocacy activities under "Monetary Sector and economic models”;
  • Economic research in monetary policy, macroeconomic indicators, trade policies, regional development strategies, financial markets and policies, banking system, inflation, pensions’ system, demographics, economic models;
  • Offering methodological support for developing research quantitative instruments.

MA in Economics, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary (2007)

BA in Economics and Finance, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (2005)

Ana Popa "Sustainable Development" Program Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Labour market and human capital;
  • Sustainable economic growth and anti-poverty policies;
  • Demographic economy;
  • Research, development and innovation;

MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Europe (Natolin), Warsaw, Poland

MA in political science, State University of Moldova

BA in Political Science, State University of Moldova

Denis Cenusa ”Energy Security” Program Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Energy security;
  • Economics of European integration;
  • Political economy of reforms;
  • International economic relations;
  • Migration.

MA in Economics, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (2017)

Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics, State University of Moldova (1985)

Dumitru Budianschi "Public Sector: Economy, Finance, Management" Program Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Program development, coordination and implementation of research and advocacy activities under "Public Sector: Economy, Finance, Management" Program;
  • Economic research in: management of public finances, public management, regulation of public utilities.

Diploma in Banking, Romanian Banking Institute

Post-graduate studies in Applied Economic Policies, Joint Vienna Institute, Vienna, Austria

MA in International Economic Relations - Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

BA in Economics - Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

Dumitru Pintea "Business climate and SMEs" Program Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Financial sector;
  • International trade;
  • European integration.

MA in International Relations, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Moldova (2018)

Bachelor's Degree in applied modern languages English-Italian, Moldova State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (2016)

Inga Agachi Project Assistant

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Organizing and providing logistical, administrative and communication support for public events and project activities;
  • Communication support for the implementation of project objectives;
  • Monitoring the online media and TV appearances of the organization;
  • Participation in public events concerning the presentation and discussion of publications within projects;
  • Implementation of communication strategies and campaigns;
  • Preparation and dissemination of the necessary materials for public presentations.

MA in European Studies (specialization EU law), Centre international de formation européenne (2017); MA in Internațional Trade (ASEM, 2010); Bachelor's Degree in Global Economy and International Economic Relations

Swedish Academy for Young Professionals (Local Governance through Human Rights Perspective, Lund, Sweden, 2017); John Smith Fellowship alumni (Edinburgh, London, 2013); Economic and monetary integration in Europe (Joint Vienna Institute, Vienna, Austria, 2010).

Inga Iovu Development Manager

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Monitoring national and international financing opportunities;
  • Issuing technical and financial offers for grant opportunities and tenders;
  • Participation in the process of identifying relevant experts and partners in consortium and projects;
  • Participation in the process of preliminary discussions / negotiations with potential partners of consortium / projects, as well as with potential and current donors / clients / beneficiaries of the organization.

MA in Financial and Banking Administration, Academy of Economic Studies from Moldova (2004)

BA in International Economic Relations, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (2003)

Ion Gumene "Public policy and public administration reform" Program Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Public policy cycle: ex-ante analysis of public policy impact, decision making process, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Public administration reform: functional review, institutional development, strategic planning and public policy development, modernisation of public services;
  • Research in social policies: education, health, social protection;
  • Training in mentioned areas.

BA in Economics, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (2007)

Iulia Sirghi-Zolotco Head of the Administrative, Financial and Communication Service

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Development and maintenance of the integrated information management and financial planning system;
  • Keeping records of the human, financial and material resources of the organization;
  • Ensuring transparent and competitive procurements and recruitment competitions for the organization;
  • Integration of project activities in the internal corporate management system;
  • Financial monitoring of project implementation and preparation of financial statements.

PhD in Economics, University of Montpellier, France (2016)

LL.M. in Economics and Law, University of Hamburg, Germany (2011)

Licence in Economics, University of Reims, France (2009)

Rustam Romaniuc "Behavioral Economics" Program Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Public Policy Design

Graduated in Journalism and Communication Sciences, Moldova State University (2013)

Natalia Volontir

Natalia Volontir Communications Consultant

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Communication and Public Relations;
  • Digital Marketing;
  • Strategic Marketing.

BA in International Economic Relations, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (1998)

Sergiu Gaibu ”Financial and Banking Sector” Program Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Strategic management of the organisation;
  • Project management;
  • Kaizen of Operations and Continous Development Techniques;
  • Corporate governance, organisational restructuring;
  • Banking;
  • Research in the following areas: macroecnomics, economic development, financial sector, investments, ICT sector.

BA in Accounting at the Academy of Economid Studies of Moldova

Sergiu Tornea Chief Accountant

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Drafting financial, tax and statistical reports;
  • Payments.

Certificate in International Trade, Certified Export/Internationalization Consultant (UK, 2017);

Master in Public Finance and taxation, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (2013);

Licentiate, Degree in Economics, Finance department, Finance and Banking, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (2011).

Stas Madan EG

Stas Madan, Senior Economist affiliated to the program ”Business climate and SMEs”

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Business climate and SMEs;
  • International Trade;
  • Macroeconomic developments and investments monitoring;
  • Sectorial and competitive studies.

MA candidate in Public Administration, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Moldova

MA in Viticulture Management, Technical University of Moldova (2011)

Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and Food Technology (2009)

Tatiana Savva "Anticorruption and Integrity" Program Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Research and analytical support in: public policies, open data and budgets, development policies for the agricultural sector, public management.

Diploma in applied economic policy - Joint Vienna Institute & IMF Institute (Vienna)

Diploma in implementation of WTO commitments - International Development Law Organization and WTO Training Institute (Rome)

Master's degree in economics - Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

Vadim Gumene ”Trade policies & Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement" Program Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Trade provisions of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA).

MA in Applied Mathematics, Moldova State University

Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova


Valeriu Prohnițchi „Research and Methodology” Program Director

  • Responsibilities / Research areas
  • Economic modelling, macroeconomic forecasts;
  • Business environment;
  • Agriculture;
  • Economics of development;
  • Migration.
Thursday, 02 April 2015 12:54

Our priorities

In the next five years, the Expert-Grup activity will focus on the following goals, which derive from the economic and social realities of the country but also from our institutional capacities:

  1. Functional market economy: free competition and property rights protection;
  2. Reasoned and rational economic and social policies, developed in the interest of citizens;
  3. Free trade based on real competitive advantages;
  4. Efficient, transparent and accountable public sector;
  5. Business climate that is friendly and appealing for SMEs;
  6. Fair labor market conditions for both the employers and employees;
  7. Flexible educational system that is connected to the economic, social and demographic realities;
  8. Equal access to economic and social opportunities for all citizens;
  9. Society that is familiar with the economic trends and basic principles of the economy;
  10. Balanced regional development.

Therefore, organization’s projects, public interventions and advocacy activities will be focused namely on these 10 priorities, which we believe are crucial for the sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova.


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dasd asd s

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 09:18

Euromonitor, nr. 25

Această ediție a Euromonitorului acoperă evoluțiile din trimestrul III anul 2012 în implementarea reformelor determinate de vectorul de integrare europeană. În domeniile economice monitorizate, un progres important a fost atestat în domeniul piețelor și instituțiilor financiare, printr-o serie de modificări regulatorii pentru sporirea transparenței băncilor comerciale și ajustării procedurilor de raportare financiară la standardele internaționale. Problema principala care persistă este transparentizarea drepturilor de proprietate în sistemul financiar, atât bănci, cât și instituții nebancare. Publicarea legilor în domeniul concurenței și ajutorului de stat încă nu este urmată și de restructurarea agenției reglementatoare și consolidarea cadrului regulator și metodologic. Au continuat activ negocierile pe marginea ZLSAC cu UE și Acordului de Liber Schimb cu Turcia, dar, deoarece regiunea transnistreană nu este parte activă a procesului, deocamdată nu este prea clar cu va fi asigurată implementarea efectivă a acestora pe teritoriul întregii țări. În domeniul dezvoltării durabile și sociale, nu a fost observat nici un progres în ceea ce privește crearea Consiliului Economico-Social, autoritățile implicate demonstrând un interes minimal pentru crearea efectivă a acestuia.


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