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Sunday, 05 November 2006 00:00

Business and Economy Review, no. 13

During October-November 2006 the Moldovan economy did not display any notable progress. On the whole, the industry continues to recess. The two important branches where the negative dynamics have reversed are the sugar and pastry industry. A 4 percent decrease of the agricultural production for the first nine months has been witnessed by October. The services continued their perky growth, mostly due to telecommunications and electric appliances sales. The services rendered to enterprises increased slower, particularly because of the difficulties reported in the transportation sector.

Sunday, 15 January 2006 00:00

Business and Economy Review, no.10

In a new format, the edition no.10 of the Business and Economy Review reviews the recent data and statistics on economic development in 2005. Analysis coveres the manufacture sector, services, public budget, financial and external sector.

This document is available only in Romanian.

Wednesday, 05 October 2005 00:00

Business and Economy Review, no. 9

In Auguts this year we have witnessed bitter discussions between the Government and those affected by a Governmental decision of prohibiting import of second-hand goods. Even though, following the public pressures, the Government adopted a moratorium on the decision, this problem has only been postponed rather than solved. In September, the quality of the business climate became a subject of contentious discussions again, with Government and representatives of the private sector accusing each other. Effects of the rhetoric on the real situation is far from clear. In the 9th edition of the Business and Economy Review we study these and other economic evolutions marking the period August-September 2005.

This document is available only in Romanian.

Monday, 05 September 2005 00:00

Business and Economy Review, no. 7-8

The real sector in July-August 2005 featured an accelerated industrial growth, mainly on the account of rapidly expanding wine-making industry. In the agricultural sector, a much higher harvest of cereals will lead to a bigger contribution of the sector to the GDP growth in second and third quarters, but also smaller prices for the producers. The more intense economic growth is indirectly proven by growing consumption of electricity, even though a certain part of this growth may be attributed to the unofficial activities. The constructions sector continued to grow rapidly, particularly in the urban areas.

This document is available only in Romanian.

Tuesday, 05 July 2005 00:00

Business and Economy Review, no. 5-6

This edition of the Busines and Economy Review analyzes the main economic and policy developments in the period May-June 2005. Inter alia, we are assessing the new initiatives of business regulation reform.

This docuemnt is available only in Romanian.

Thursday, 05 May 2005 00:00

Business and Economy Review, no. 4

As shown in this edition of the Business and Economy Review, in January-March this year the macroeconomic policy stance has been adequate for maintaining the short-term macroeconomic stability; however, the long-term impact of some fiscal policy decisions is yet to be seen. We mean, first of all, the decision of providing important fiscal exemptions which will deprive the budget of several million of dollars. The budgetary revenue continued growing, while the Central Bank managed to avert speculative attacks on the national currency.

This document is available only in Romanian.

Tuesday, 05 April 2005 00:00

Business and Economy Review, no. 3

At one one the lattes Cabine meetings, the Prime-minister Tarlev announced the new data on budget execution. With total receipts exceeding 1.33 billion MDL, the quarterly plan for budget execution has been exceeded by 2.2 percent as of 22 of March. At the same time, the Central Bank has kept unaltered its policy tools. How adequate and consistent are current macroeconomic policies is a subject of this edition of the Business and Economy Review.

This document is available only in Romanian.

Saturday, 05 March 2005 00:00

Business and Economy Review, no. 2

As electoral competition heats up, Moldovan authorities are more inclined to use administrative and indicative policy tools in the economic policy. Inter alia, the Ministry of Finance received indications from the President on financing of new social priority spending. The economic implications and risks of the political interferences are part of the analysis undertaken in this edition of the Business and Economy Review.

Monday, 25 June 2012 00:00

Real Economy, no.29

The EXPERT-GRUP's previous expectations regarding negative outlook of the Moldovan economy has been confirmed by the quarterly and monthly economic data recently released. As Real Economy no.29 proves, the economic activity is on the downside, while social effects are clearly visible, including on the labor market.

Full version is available only in Romanian.

Friday, 27 April 2012 00:00

Real Economy no.27

The economic leading indicator (ELI) continued its downward trend in February, revealing the cooling down of the Moldovan economy, which might persist in the near future. Thus, the indicator decreased by 1.1 p.p., which has been determined by declining exports and halving the growth rate of remittances. As a result, the repercussions of the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis are already visible in the Moldovan economy, which consist in cooling the foreign demand and increased tensions on the EU labor market.

Full version available only in Romanian.

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