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Tuesday, 20 November 2012 09:19

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Project title: National post-2015 Consultations on „Future Moldova Wants”;

Implementation period: November 19, 2012 – March 20, 2013;

Funded by: UNDP - Moldova;

Project goal: Key goal of this project is to stimulate an inclusive debate on a post-2015 development agenda by providing solid analytical base, inputs and ideas that derive from the specificity of the national context. The consultations shall contribute to securing renewed political commitment for sustainable development, and will be addressing a wide range of themes, including green economy, sustainable development, poverty eradication, human rights and others.

Main activities:

  • Design the methodology for the consultation process;
  • Facilitate the national consultation process and validation of its outcomes from all relevant sectors in the context of the National Awareness Campaign;
  • Undertake communications efforts  to coordinate and facilitate national consultation process on post-2015 development agenda “The Future Moldova Wants”;
  • Prepare a Draft National Report capturing the outcomes of the national consultation process and providing key recommendations;
  • Conduct a Validation Workshop;

Main outputs and outcomes:

  • Methodology for the consultations;
  • Facilitation of national consultation process and validation of its outcomes;
  • Efficient communication process, including online presence and engagement in the social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter;
  • Analytical report with key recommendations;
  • Results of the validation workshop;

Project expected impact:

This project is expected to build a shared vision on the “Future Moldova wants”, with clear recommendations for the Government, civil society and broad stakeholders, to amplify the voices of the poor and other marginalized groups in formal negotiations processes and to influence the Government policies so that they align with the aspirations of the civil society for a post-2015 agenda.

Friday, 16 November 2012 12:10

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Friday, 16 November 2012 10:34

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Thursday, 15 November 2012 08:28

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Successful event registration

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012 10:30

Real Economy, no.32

Last three months indicates over the stabilization path of the Moldovan economy, which could serve as an important prerequisite to boost growth in the near future. Thus, in September several indicators registered positive trends: the evolution of exports, reduction in bank margins and improvement in the quality of bank portfolios. But their impact was offset by the decline in loans and remittances, which are part of the ELI. In the short term, the development of the Moldovan economy relies heavily on the situation in the region and the quality of domestic policies.

Full version available only in Romanian.

Economic Commentary, no. 1

Monday, 19 of June 2006, is the day when the negotiations between the Moldovan authorities and Russia’s energy behemoth Gazprom on supply of natural gas to Moldova are scheduled to re-start. It is worthwhile reminding that Gazprom insists on increasing the gas prices from 110 USD per 1000 cubic meters to 160 USD. Moldovan authorities, on their side, insist that such a price is an exaggeration and that the supplier has to consider the limited purchasing power of the Moldovan customers. This analysis tries to assess the options Moldova has for imposing its view in the new energy context.

The full article is available only in Romanian.

Seceta severă din anul 2012 a afectat un teritoriu vast al Republicii Moldova. Efectele acesteia, pe termen scurt, s-au manifesta prin reduceri ale recoltelor sau chiar compromiterea totală a unor culturi, în special în regiunea de centru și sud. Pe termen mediu și lung, seceta va continua să-și manifeste impactul, forțând multe gospodării să vândă sau să sacrifice bovinele, cu efecte negative asupra securității alimentare. Similar episoadelor anterioare de secetă (2003, 2007), aceste efecte pot declanșa un nou val de emigrare din mediul rural. De aceea, o întrebare-cheie la care ar trebui să răspundă toate părțile interesate este care sunt lecțiile de învățat și ce anume ar trebui de schimbat la nivel de politici și tehnologii în domeniul agricol.

Astfel, scopul principal al Conferinței este de a oferi o platformă pentru discuții părților interesate pentru a analiza consecințele economice și sociale ale secetei în 2012, pentru a trage concluzii relevante de politică și pentru a aborda problema-cheie a măsurilor instituționale și soluțiilor tehnologice care trebuie adoptate pentru o mai bună gestiune a viitoarelor secete. 


Thursday, 08 November 2012 11:18

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Tuesday, 04 September 2012 14:43


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