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Any crisis is not just a source of challenges and opportunities for any individual and organization, but, most importantly, it is a test of adaptation to new realities. Therefore, adaptation was the main focus of Expert-Grup in 2020 - a year hit by the pandemics that turned for Moldova into the worst economic recession from the last 20 years. In this regards, we mobilized our capacities in order to adapt to the coronacrisis on three dimensions. 


First, we resorted to the expertise of our team, members and Board, in order assess the situation and identify proper adaptation strategies. Second, we developed a new stream of research, dedicated to analyzing the impact of Covid-19 on the economy and formulating proper crisis mitigation strategies for the Government and donors present in Moldova. Thirdly, we adapted our ongoing projects, by analyzing the needs of our beneficiaries and reformulating the project activities in order to meet these needs.

Overall, the results of 2020 proved that we managed to properly adapt to the coronacrisis, as revealed by the positive feedback from our clients and beneficiaries, the implementation of projects, as well as visibility and financial indicators. 

The 2021 year call, more than even, for visionary approaches to solving the economic problems of the country. Hence, we will invest in the analytical stream dedicated to a more detailed understanding of the structural breaks induced by the coronacrisis and the transformational impact on various markets and sectors. The speed of recovery in the post-Covid world will depend on our understanding about how the labour market, educational sector, processing industries or ICT will look like, what will be the new opportunities, but also the challenges faced, especially, by vulnerable groups (e.g. SMEs, women, young and elderly, the poor etc.). 

Hence, we plan to continue the work on the mentioned three streams of adaptation, initiated in 2020. We will intensify our engagement with the members and Board, will continue analyzing the needs of our beneficiaries and will focus on providing analytical inputs and recommendations for policy makers, private sector and donor community on addressing the challenges and opportunities of Covid at the sectorial levels. 

I thank our team, partners and beneficiaries for another year, which, although difficult, cemented our mutual trust, which will ensure the ground for the upcoming post-Covid phase.

Adrian Lupusor,

Executive Director, Expert-Grup

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Tuesday, 08 December 2020 13:11

Rodica Iordanov

Thursday, 24 September 2020 19:05


Adrian Lupusor - State of the Country Report 2020 - key messages

Dumitru Pintea, first panel 

Valeriu Prohnitchi, second panel 

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