Publications Author: Petru Bacalu

Efficiency and transparency in usage of public forest sector resources

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 13:10 Published in H5 – Cheltuielile Guvernului Central și Politici Conexe Q2 – Resurse Regenerabile și Conservare Sectorul Public
The public forest sector is one of the less reformed sectors, keeping its essentially managerial approaches that have already been outdated by the economic and social realities of the Republic of Moldova...

Policy Priorities for Promotion of the PPP Projects in Transport, Waste, Energy and Water Sectors in 2010-2013

Thursday, 01 July 2010 14:48 Published in H4 – Bunurile Publice H5 – Cheltuielile Guvernului Central și Politici Conexe Studii de politici publice
The study assesses the development strategies and plans in the four sectors and the current level of engagement with PPP projects in each of the four sectors...

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