D7 - Analysis of Collective Decision-Making

Currently, Republic of Moldova deals with arguably the biggest challenge to its economic security since proclaiming the independence in 1991. The endemic corruption, oligarchization of state institutions, presence of suspicious foreign capital in the country’s financial…
In 2013, the Republic of Moldova experienced an impressive economic performance: the 8.9% growth in the gross domestic product (GDP) was the highest in its modern history and places the country as one of the…
State of the Country Report 2013, which is a clear, evidence-based and objective analysis of the Moldova’s situation in eight areas: foreign policy, environment and natural resources, politics, technological, economic, human capital and demographic, social…
This policy brief unveils the inconsistency of the Program for development of the food market infrastructure and recommends the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Economy, Budget and Finance not to support the draft law for ammendment…
What is the nature and the causes of economic development in the Republic of Moldova? As shown in this 2009 State of the Country Report, Moldova's geographic and natural endowment is not conducive to an…
Although, development and modernization of the Republic of Moldova has constantly been on the agenda of the public authorities, civil society and the international community, there has been limited progress in initiating public debates on…

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