Economic Commentaries

Economic Commentary, no 140 From June 2011 to July 2012, Expert-Grup has elaborated 3 quarterly reports on Court of Accounts' findings and recommendations regarding the (mis)allocations and management of public resources. In order to examine…
Economic Commentary, no. 139 The evaluation conducted in 2012 by the Expert-Grup using an international methodology shows that the level of budgetary transparency in Moldova can be assessed with 60 points of 100 possible, which…
Economic Commentary, no. 138 We have recently examined the Government Report on Execution of the State Budget for 2011, with the purpose of understanding how transparently are this kind of reports elaborated, what are the…

The Drought and the Reserve Fund

Tuesday, 10 July 2012 Published in Comentarii economice
Moldova is in deep crisis. A crisis of capacity and transparency of the governance process. Despite the reforms initiated and the wider opening to the public, the Government did little to educate higher trust in…
Economic Commentary, no. 136 Working on the National Human Development Report 2012 which was commissioned by the United Nations Development Program in Moldova we have pointed out to the crucial role of judiciary in the…

MTBF? No, I did not hear that.

Monday, 20 February 2012 Published in Comentarii economice
Economic Commentary, no. 135 The title of this commentary has been inspired by a pejorative expression – “no, I did not hear that” - used in the Moldovan blogosphere. Moldovan bloggers are using this expression…
Economic Commentary. no. 134 Starting January 2012, the Moldovan Government apparently decided to abandon being just an observer and undertook to promote actively consumers’ rights. With this purpose in mind, the Government has created a…
Economic Commentary, no. 133 Republic of Moldova goes through an unprecedented process of demographic transition that manifests by diminishing number of population in parallel with population’s ‘graying’ and reduction in economically active people. The worsening…
Economic Commentary, no. 132 The conflict in which the State Owned Enterprise “Registru” is currently involved, a conflict originating in a decade-old contract of leasing of specialized equipment and software, is a clear evidence of…
Economic Commentary, no. 131 It seems that Moldova is caught into the frenzy of writing strategies. Certainly, the development of strategies is not a bad thing in itself, since many sectors need major reforms or…

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