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De mai mulți ani evoluția prețurilor la produsele petroliere reprezintă un subiect sensibil pentru societatea moldovenească. De cele mai multe ori acesta deraiază din albia economicului în cea a politicului, perpetuând problemele din domeniu fără…
As effective vaccines may soon be approved by the US and European Union’s health authorities, it is important to stress that these can be a powerful weapon against Covid-19 only if people take them. There…
Electoral programmes are usually one of the main tools through which electoral contestants try to attract voters. In the case of Republic of Moldova, where politics consists more of a struggle between personalities than between doctrines, the electoral programmes…
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In 2019, the world economy showed signs of cooling down, accompanied by economic or geopolitical tensions among the largest global players. This had implications for the trade performance of Moldova, which will deepen further in 2020 amid declared pandemic. Meanwhile, exports to…
In the eve of Easter celebration (17 April), the Moldovan President Igor Dodon rushed to display on one of his social media accounts the earlier unseen text of the agreement with Russia for a €200…
Context In addition to the threats related to the population’s health, the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic presents the first economic challenges. Quarantine and social distancing measures have significantly reduced the activity of companies,…

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