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Radu Marian, specialist comunicare în cadrul Expert-Grup, a fost invitatul emisiunii „Eurodicționar” de la Publika TV, moderată de Cristian Tabără. Subiectul principal al emisiunii a fost stimularea gândirii critice în rândul societății. Discutând acest subiect,…
The article is available in Romanian version.
Interview of Constanța Popescu, program director at EXPERT-GRUP at JurnalTV. The report is available in Romanian:  
  The talk-show is available in Romanian:
Dumitru Budianschi, program director at EXPERT-GRUP, has been featured in a talk show at Publika TV regarding excessive salaries of the state companies' top executives. The talk show is available below in Romanian:
Adrian Lupușor, EXPERT-GRUP executive director, offered an interview for Radio Free Europe in Chișinău, where he described the causes of the decline Moldovan economy recored in the last four months and the respective solutions for…
Adrian Lupușor, EXPERT-GRUP executive director, in an interview for Radio Free Europe, where he reported on the export perspectives of the Transnistrian Regional on the EU market and the difficulties the region faces in implementing…
EXPERT-GRUP executive director - Adrian Lupușor, spoke for Euronews about the economic problems Transnistria - Moldova's breakaway, faces. Also, Adrian brought into discussion Transnistria's perspectives regarding trade with UE and its economic integration within the…
Alexandru Fala, program director at EXPERT-GRUP, was one of the guest experts at the ”Expertise Hour” talk-show at JurnalTV. The talk-show featured discussions about the International Monetary Fund's mission in Chișinău and also topics such…
Dumitru Budianschi, „Expert-Grup” program director, has been invited at the „Bună Seara” (Moldova 1 TV) talk-show on 28 March 2014. The discussion was focused on the quality of road infrastructure in Moldova, whereas Dumitru Budianschi…

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