I2 - Education and Research Institutions

This report examines the role of civil society and private sector in the Republic of Moldova in achieving the Millennium Development Goal 2 “Achieve universal primary education” (MDG 2). As part of the research process,…
High incidence of informal employment has characterized the Moldovan labour market  throughout the transition period. But fighting informal employment entered the agenda of the authorities only recently, in 2011, when losses for budgetary revenues generated…
Following recent discussions about the inefficiency of the Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) sector in Moldova, recently a draft law on the Academy of Science of Moldova (ASM) was elaborated. Currently ASM's activity is regulated…
The goal of this document is to evaluate the state support policy for the R&D sector in Moldova from the good governance perspective and to compare Moldova's performances with other countries, so that to clarify…
Already for few years Moldovan Government aims to change its economic growth model so that to foster the bases of an economy based on competitiveness and innovation. Despite the declared goal, the Research, Development and…
Acest studiu analitic radiografiază starea de fapt din domeniul sistemului educaţional autohton şi punctează modul în care au fost implementate prevederile obiectivelor 75 şi 76 din Planul de Acțiuni UE - Moldova în perioada anilor…
EU-Moldova Actions Plan foresees in a separate chapter the implementation of a number of actions called for enhancing the people-to-people contacts. In this regard, several areas are of key importance: education, youth and training. The…

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