Regional economic review: Transnistrian region

Publishing date: Friday, 18 July 2014
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Regional Economic Review: Transnistrian region marks the launch of a new analytical product by EXPERT-GRUP, which analyzes the economic evolution of the regions of the Republic of Moldova. The first issue offers an insight on the economy from Dniester River's left bank.

The publication is available in three languages: EnglezăRomanian and Russian.

With the foreign trade exceeding twice the size of the local economy, Transnistrian region is extremely opened and, hence, very vulnerable to various external shocks. Therefore, in order to survive, the regional economy needs a wider access to foreign sales markets, but the unimaginable current account deficit of about 80% of GDP shows competitiveness flaws and severe structural imbalances. This problem has become even more relevant with the worsening economic situation in Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and the uncertainty caused by the Transnistrian authorities’ rejection of the Association Agreement signed by the Republic of Moldova with EU. The difficult access to foreign markets, amid low competitiveness and non-sustainable model of economic growth, will be the main challenges the authorities and companies from the region will be facing in the near future.


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Updated on July 21st 2014. (Previous downloads: RO - 26 downloads, RU - 148, ENG - 37)


This document was published with the financial support of the Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest. Opinions expressed in this document belong to the authors and are not necessarily the opinions of the donors. 

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