Efficiency and transparency in usage of public forest sector resources

Foto: Cătălin Alexandru | Flickr Foto: Cătălin Alexandru | Flickr
Publishing date: Tuesday, 06 August 2013
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The public forest sector is one of the less reformed sectors, keeping its essentially managerial approaches that have already been outdated by the economic and social realities of the Republic of Moldova. The activity of this sector is highly affected by political narrow influences and interest groups. This has hindered the development of the sector, so that the sector generated resources are used in a non-transparent and inefficient way. The leasing of forest lands was made without a solid legal basis, using improper economic approach and created tensions in the society. Thus almost all the forest lands in the surrounding areas of Chisinau were leased, based on the price of a hectare calculated as average for the whole country. The analysis of issues related to ensuring transparency, public access in forests and the role of communal forests, value and the role of forests, governance and management of the sector shows that the forestry sector needs a thorough and complex reformation.

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