National Human Development Report 2012: European Aspirations and Human Development of the Republic of Moldova

Publishing date: Friday, 07 December 2012
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The 2012 National Human Development Report, entitled "European Aspirations and Human Development of the Republic of Moldova" concentrates on the impact of trade-liberalization, visa-liberalization and EU-motivated human rights and justice sector reforms and clearly demonstrates that for Moldova, the European integration process and its outcomes support the country's human development and modernization. The economic impact of the deep and comprehensive trade liberalization is, indeed, expected to be positive, although unevenly distributed across society, the anticipated boost of the visa-free regime on migration outflows is considerably overblown, European aspirations creates a positive environment for empowering individuals with real liberties, and a smooth European integration requires better trained human capital in public and private sectors alike. In general, by more deeply engaging in furthering the European agenda, Moldova may benefit from a significant boost in human development. At the same time, we show that enlarging people's choices, fostering a continuous progress in human development and improving the institutional infrastructure of the economy are a precondition for an efficient and 'high-quality' European integration for Moldova and that education plays a key role in this regard.         


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