Assessment of the Budget Process Transparency in Moldova

Publishing date: Thursday, 19 July 2012
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Ensuring transparency is a key responsibility of the Government and a tool for increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the use of the public financial resources. The purpose of the study presented herein is to conduct a quantitative and qualitative assessment regarding the transparency of the budget process in Moldova and to obtain a clearer image about Moldova’s position to other world countries. Evaluation is made based on a standard methodology - Open Budget Index that was developed by the International Budget Partnership. The document assesses the quality of the public's participation at every stage of the budgetary cycle. In broad terms, the country's position is not bad, however the transparency practices differ widely for different stages of the budgetary cycle. The study ends with a set of concrete policy recommendations to support the relevant state authorities to increase the transparency of the budgetary process and ensure a high-quality participation of the wider public in this process.

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