Real Economy, no.24

Publishing date: Wednesday, 28 December 2011
Views: 14727

This is the fourth annual economic radiography made by the Independent Think-Tank EXPERT-GRUP. We find that the economic growth in 2011 was strong and improved structurally, but consumption continued to be the main growth factor. While the AEI-2 member parties spent most of the time in controlling and checking each other, the prices kept rising and the external risks got even more acute. The strong economic growth in 2011 was accompanied by a high inflation which did not hinder the growth of bank loans and the Government promoting the policy of a lower budget deficit. But the macroeconomic successes were poisoned by new corporate scandals with major economic, social, and political impact. The publication presents the most important economic trends and risks, as well as the most successful and erroneous economic policies in 2011.

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