Banking Performance Rating, 3rd Quarter, 2011

Publishing date: Thursday, 17 November 2011
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Banking performance rating was elaborated by Expert-Grup with the purpose to objectively evaluate and compare the evolution of Moldovan commercial banks. This edition reflects the banks’ activity for the 3rd quarter 2011, as compared to the previous quarter. According to the ranking results, the new leader became CB "Victoriabank", exceeding CB "Moldova – Agroindbank" (2nd place) by liquidity and portfolio quality indicators. The most spectacular jumps were registered by CB "Banca de Economii" (+3 positions), CB "FinComBank" (+3 positions), CB "ProCreditBank" and CBR Chisinau S.A. by 2 positions each. At the same time, the strongest downward evolutions had CB "Comertbank" (-3 positions), CB "EuroCreditBank" and CB "Energbank" (by 2 positions each). As in previous quarters, CB "Universalbank" had lowest ranking due to slow restructuring of its toxic assets accumulated during the recent economic crisis.

Full version available only in Romanian.

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