Euromonitor nr. 20

Publishing date: Friday, 01 July 2011
Views: 15496

Moldova makes a slow progress forward protection of human rights and freedoms. Although the country kept improving the legal framework on respect and protection of human rights, Moldova did not consolidate the human rights protection mechanisms. Progress in reforming the judiciary and related fields is slow, efforts are focused mainly on drafting laws and regulations, while their promotion and adoption is delayed, which reduces the potential impact. A moderate progress was observed in terms of central public administration and local public administration reforms, and it was mostly related to the adoption of some legislative-normative documents and discussion of some draft strategic documents, while actions in these areas are not based on adequate planning policies. In the area of technical barriers for trade a modest progress has been registered, as the actions of the plan are implemented in a selective manner and priorities are revised post factum. The progress in implementing actions in the area of trade facilitation and customs management are slow, as some actions are late.

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