Euromonitor, no.18

Publishing date: Wednesday, 04 August 2010
Views: 15605

Edition no.18 of the Euromonitor shows that Moldova registered important progress in the area of democratic institutions, in terms of adjustment of the elections’ regulatory framework and the legislation regarding the political parties to the recommendations of the Council of Europe. In the human rights domain, the Council of Europe finalized the monitoring on the issue of religions’ freedom. The reform of the central public administration progresses modestly. Some improvements can be noticed in the justice system. However their impact is very limited, at least, as perceived by the society. Although a series of progresses have been registered in the social sphere, the main problem remains in limited financial resources necessary for improving the situation on the labor market, social protection, public health and other important areas. In the domain of foreign trade, there are no major progresses in implementation of sanitary standards necessary for more fully exploit the Autonomous Trade Preferences granted by EU in March 2008.

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