Euromonitor, no.15

Publishing date: Monday, 27 July 2009
Views: 15707

The political dialogue and the functioning of democratic institutions, during the second quarter, have been strongly affected by the post-electoral events, especially those from the 7th of April. The bilateral relations between EU and Moldova were dominated by issues related to the political crisis in Moldova and violation of human rights after the elections from the 5th of April. The functioning of democratic institutions dramatically worsened on the grounds of application of torture against people arrested by the police, expulsion of foreign journalists, limitation of the access to information, these are just few infringements made by the public authorities after elections. The economic crisis aggravated in comparison to the previous quarter, given the political crisis and the new electoral campaign. The economic development did not constitute an important priority on the Government’s agenda. The anti-crisis program has been published only in June and does not contain credible measures which would improve the situation in the real sector, stimulate the consumption and mitigate the negative effects on the labor market.

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