Feasibility of Liberalization of the Mandatory Health Insurance System in Moldova

Fezabilitatea liberalizării pieții asigurărilor medicale obligatorii în Republica Moldova Fezabilitatea liberalizării pieții asigurărilor medicale obligatorii în Republica Moldova
Publishing date: Thursday, 16 February 2012
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Currently Moldovan health system faces many problems, including persistence of informal payments, inefficiency in health spending, high share of people not covered by the mandatory health insurance, the lack of measurable indicators and values, old health infrastructure, insufficient transparency in the activity of National Health Insurance Company and deficiencies in the management process. No surprise, in recent years many discussions are taking place on public-private partnership (PPP) in compulsory health insurance system in Moldova. In the adoption of a new PPP model, we must consider the commitments Moldova undertook  to develop a funding scheme allowing all people access to health care and the experience of other countries in the health insurance market liberalization. Our analysis indicates that Moldova is not ready to implement a system of health insurance system with equal participation of private and public insurers. Remodelling the existing system of health insurances with private insurers participating on equal terms with public insurer is not possible at the moment as there are too many risks. We propose some changes to the current model, allowing for a progressive involvement of private insurers in the compulsory health insurance system while improving the institutional framework of the system. This model would allow for greater satisfaction of big contributors to the system, who are currently dissatisfied with services received for the high premiums paid and will gradually prepare the system for deeper involvement of private insurance sector.

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