Harmonizing Policies of Natural Resources and Cultural Heritage to Encourage the Cross-Border Tourism as part of EU-Moldova Partnership

Publishing date: Tuesday, 15 May 2007
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The tourism has seen in the recent period a certain development boost across Moldova, being of particular importance for enhancing the cross-border cooperation between Moldova and Romania. The goal of this study is to identify solutions and options for harmonization of the policies in use of natural resources and cultural heritage, so that the cross-border tourism is further encouraged as part of the EU-Moldova partnership. At the same time, this study looks into how the Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy can contribute to enlarge the natural protected areas, to rationally use the cultural heritage, to develop cultural and eco-tourism with the purpose of providing new economic opportunities to the people living in the disadvantaged areas adjacent to the country borders. In this way, use of tourism potential is treated as a feasible alternative of enhancing economic growth and  cross-border trade in the three Euroregions Moldova is part of.

This document is available only in Romanian.

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