The R&D Sector in Moldova: is a Reform Necessary or Not?

Publishing date: Monday, 27 June 2011
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The goal of this document is to evaluate the state support policy for the R&D sector in Moldova from the good governance perspective and to compare Moldova's performances with other countries, so that to clarify if a reform is necessary or not. In this way, the study can contribute to the on going discussion about the reform of the state policy regarding the R&D sector and reorganization of this sphere. The first chapter of the study presents in brief the evolution of the R&D state support policy in Moldova. The chapter two compares inputs into and outputs of  the R&D sector in Moldova with those of other countries. Chapter three evaluates the current policy from the perspective of the good governance. Chapter four shows that a reform of the R&D sector is imperative and presents several reform options. Chapter five makes the most essential recommendations and recommends the optiaml model of the R&D state support policy reform.

This document is available only in Romanian.

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