The russian factor in Moldova's energy sector

Publishing date: Monday, 27 May 2019
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A Moldova still struggles to overcome the various handicaps in its energy sector. The de-politicization of the regulatory agency, diversification of supply, and Russia’s monopolistic position, combine to maintain serious distortions in the energy sector and develop new ones. Fully-fledged, top-down liberalization of the energy market remains elusive, hurting the competitiveness of industry and conditions for the final consumer. Internally, the energy system suffers structurally from the poor administration of energy-related public enterprises, and above all from lack of progress in increasing the regulator’s independence from political interferences. 

This publication is prepared within the framework of the core support programme to CEPSled 3DCFTAs project, enabled by the financial support from Sweden. Views, conclusions or recommendations belong to the authors and compilers of this publication and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Government of Sweden. The responsibility over the content lies solely with authors and compilers of this publication.

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