Banking performance ranking, January 2019

Publishing date: Monday, 04 March 2019
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At the end of January 2019, the financial results reported by banks represent a stable situation in the sector. The main financial and prudential indicators record values within the limits, or even above those admitted by the central bank.  At the same time, the accumulated reserves and retained earnings maintain the level of solvency at a higher one, having fluctuations from one bank to another in the range of 20-62%. Liquidity remains well above the regulated limits, with a short-term level reaching around 54%, meaning that more than half of the banks' exposures continue to be represented by low-risk liquid assets (state securities, NBM certificates or mandatory reserves). Also, the asset quality indicators continue to improve, the non-performing loans  ratio of around 12.15%, with the banking sector fluctuating between the range of 4.4% and 31%, depending on the bank.  At the same time, at the individual level, in January all banks reported profit, collectively in amount of 215.5 million MDL.

As a result of applying the Banking Performance Rankings methodology, the results of the first month of 2019 are as follows:

The top is led by systemically important banks for the national banking and financial system, namely B.C. Moldova-Agroindbank, followed by B.C. Moldindconbank and B.C. Mobiasbanca. Mostly, they excel in profitability and market indicators, accounting for about 67% of the sector's profits and 62% of total banking assets.

Particularly, at the level of the indicators generated on specific compartments at the end of January 2019, we can mention the following:

  • Banks with the strongest capital base in relation to the assets: B.C. Eximbank; BCR Chisinau and B.C. "Energbank"
  • Banks with the highest volume of liquid assets in relation to the total held assets: B.C. "Victoriabank" B.C. Eximbank and B.C. "Energbank"
  • Banks with the most qualitative assets: "EuroCreditBank"; B.C. ProCredit Bank and B.C. Fincombank
  • Banks with the highest return on capital: "Moldindconbank"; B.C. "Moldova-Agroindbank" and B.C. "Victoriabank"

The Banking performance rate and the interactive application is available only in Romanian.

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