Youth Score Card. Methodological Note

Publishing date: Thursday, 24 January 2019
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The successful integration of young people in socio-economic processes is a prerequisite for any country’s sustainable development. This was also acknowledged at international level by embedding age-disaggregated data in the 2030 Global Development Agenda and transposing them into the Sustainable Development Goals. In fact, data disaggregation stimulates evidence-based policy making in this area. However, a large number of age-disaggregated indicators have the drawback to distract the attention of decision-makers and of the general public. A solution would be to use composite indices that would integrate more youth development indicators into one single figure that could be used to guide public policies and discussions.

The compilation and implementation of youth development composite indices gains more and more momentum internationally both for the facilitation of policy monitoring and for comparing countries’ performance. Such composite indices were calculated for the Republic of Moldova too, at national level only. However, the situation of the youth can differ quite significantly from one region to another in a country. For this reason, to develop youth policies geared to local conditions, composite indices have to be compiled for the specific administrative level.

This report is meant to close the methodological gap related to the development of composite indices on the situation of youth at local level. The key purpose of the methodology is to estimate the situation of the youth in administrative territorial units of second level of the Republic of Moldova in order to facilitate policy-making and monitoring over time. The report contains both the calculation aspects of the composite index according to the best international practices, and the practical application taking an administrative territorial unit as an example. Finally, the Annex contains both area-disaggregated scores for all administrative units of second level, and the final scores of the composite index.

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This Methodological Note was developed by Independent Think Tank ”Expert – Grup” in partnership with National Youth Council of Moldova, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (MECR) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) under the Joint Fund for Developing Youth Services for Young People, Including Those Most Vulnerable and doesn’t necessarily represent the viewpoint of MECR, UNFPA or of any other affiliated organisation.

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