Annual activity report of the Independent Think-Tank ”Expert-Grup” for 2017

Publishing date: Monday, 02 April 2018
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This report summarizes the main activities and achievements of Expert-Grup during 2017 and outlines the priorities for 2018. This document is proof of high standards of transparency and accountability that the organisation aspires to, and is meant for partners, beneficiaries, general public and all those interested in the activity of Expert-Grup. In particular, the Report outlines the main achievements under the most important projects implemented during 2017, the evolution of the organisation and its team, as well as the monitoring results of the organisation’s performance indicators.

In 2017, we continued to improve our analytical tools and internal governance, which allowed us consolidate our position as an independent and credible analytical center, especially in relation to our direct and indirect beneficiaries, implementing partners and donors. As in previous years, we have monitored closely the trends and reforms in key economic sectors in order to increase the accountability of decision-makers and provide to the public an unbiased source of analytical information. At the same time, we provided expertise and technical assistance to promote reforms and policies of fundamental importance (e.g. public administration reform, national development strategy ‘Moldova 2030, modernization of the financial and banking sector, etc.). I am deeply grateful to the Expert- Grup team and partners, without whom these achievements would not have taken place and with whom we will keep cooperating in the future.

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