Electricity procurement: 3 post-tender scenarios

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Publishing date: Friday, 31 March 2017
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The tenders regarding the electricity procurement for the period of 1 April 2017 – 31 March 2018 is a useful exercise in increasing the transparency of suppliers selection. The Moldovan and Ukrainian media unevenly interpret the issues related to these tenders. For this reason, the Position Note is aimed to explain the tender procedure and the potential targeted suppliers. Therefore, the main features of suppliers, their experience in supplying electricity to the Republic of Moldova, and their performance during tenders are reviewed.

The Position Note describes three post-tender scenarios that may occur, taking into account the suppliers’ profile and the local and regional realities from the Republic of Moldova, especially the unpredictable situation in eastern Ukraine. Nonetheless, we should not exclude a hybrid scenario that would comprise different elements of the basic scenarios described in the Position Note.

Finally, yet importantly, the document contains a series of long - and short-term recommendations that may help improve the new rules for electricity procurement and the communication of the Ministry of Economy, if implemented. It also reiterates the measures to eliminate offshore companies from the energy sector, expedite the electricity interconnections with Romania, and take over the Romanian experience regarding the development of a wholesale electricity market.

This publication was produced under ‘Support for structural reforms in the banking, energy and state-owned enterprises sectors from Moldova’ Project, funded by the British Embassy in Chisinau, via Good Governance Fund. The responsibility for the content of this publication belongs to the author and does not necessarily reflect the position of the UK Government.

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