Budget Transparency Index 2015 - Moldova's position in the world rankings

Grafic: Expert-Grup | Radu Marian Grafic: Expert-Grup | Radu Marian
Publishing date: Monday, 15 February 2016
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This is a summary of the report. Full version available only in Romanian

Expert-Grup assessed the Budget Transparency Index (BTI) for the Republic of Moldova and found no progress in recent years, largely due to political reasons. In 2015, Moldova registered a BTI score of 59 out of 100 – a level unchanged since 2012. The score shows that the Government does provide limited information to budget data.

This score places Moldova 27th out of 100 countries, with the same performance as Argentina and Indonesia, and is overtaken by countries such as Uganda and Poland. New Zealand has recorded the best score, with 88 points, followed by Sweden and South Africa, with 87 and 86 points respectively. At the regional level, we can highlight Romania’s progress in the global top 10, from 49th place in 2012.

In terms of citizens’ level of participation, Moldova recorded a score of 20 out of 100, meaning that the government fails to involve citizens in the budgeting process, while the situation has worsened compared to 2012, when the score reached 27 points. In addition, Republic of Moldova scored the lowest among the region.  The decline is mainly due to lack of effective instruments and mechanisms to involve citizens in this process, but also due to a poor usage of the available instruments (e.g. websites of the institutions). Moreover, there is a lack of any kind of initiatives aimed to increase transparency of the budgeting process with the help of mass media and civil society.


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