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Monitoring report on the execution of Court of Accounts' recommendations in 2014

Publishing date: Monday, 12 October 2015
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The scale of irregularities found by Moldova’s Court of Accounts (CA) has exceeded 7 billion MDL in 2014, or USD 353 million. The audits have unearthed both technical and operational problems at the audited institutions, but also gaps in the regulation framework, all preventing a proper management of the public funds and resources. At the same time, almost 65% of the CA’s recommendations, which aim to improve the situation, are not implemented. 

Over the last year, the level of implementation of CA’s recommendations did not change dramatically, with a slight decrease (3.5%) compared to 2013. This is mainly due to low level of implementation of recommendations from Public Local Authorities. The main obstacle in executing these recommendations is the lack of qualified human resources and low capacities of the local governments to generate solutions to the problems identified. The same problems are also valid for other audited fields (IT sector, environment, public health, subsidies), resulting in a lack of vision for development of these institutions and lack of an investment direction. 

In order to accelerate the implementation of CA’s recommendations, it is necessary to improve the mechanism of Parliament control, a better cooperation with the Government and also a better cooperation with the law enforcement institutions. Also, it is necessary for the Government to present to the Parliament a report on recovering the 7 billion MDL worth of damages found by CA in 2014 and on implementing means that will eliminate irregularities stipulated in CA’s decisions. In addition, a closer cooperation between CA and Government is needed, as described in CA’s Plan of Strategic Development.


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This document has been published by Expert-Grup Think-Tak within the project "Budgetary process in Moldova: monitoring transparency and promoting public control", financed by Soros Foundation Moldova.



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